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Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to the students entering this University may be categorized as follows:

1. Mahapola Scheme

2. Bursary Scheme

3. Endowed Scholarships and other scholarships


Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Scheme

Mahapola Scholarships are awarded to students on their performance at the GCE (A/L) Examination on the result of which admissions to the University are based and also on a District basis. Selections are made by the University Grants Commission, which categorizes the awards. Mahapola Trust Fund is responsible for award of these Scholarships. The two categories of Mahapola Scholarships are as follows,

1. Merit Scholarships

2. Ordinary Scholarships


Merit Scholarship

Annual value of Merit Scholarship is Rs.25500/- and that of Ordinary Scholarship is Rs.25000/-. Both awards are paid in 10 installments per year. Being a four years course, an undergraduate following the BSc Agric. course, will normally receive a Total of 40 installments during the four years. The scholarship can be suspended or cancelled when a studentís work, conduct or attendance is unsatisfactory. An absolute majority of students in the Sri Lankan Universities are supported by this scheme, which is a unique feature of higher education in Sri Lanka.



Bursaries are awarded to eligible students who do not receive Mahapola Scholarships. The applications for bursaries are received by the Studentsí Welfare Branch of the University. The selections for the bursaries are made on the basis of parental income, the number of siblings fewer than 18 years and the distance from home to the University.

The two categories of bursaries available are:

1. Merit Bursary

2. Ordinary Bursary

The annual value of Merit Bursary is Rs. 20000/- per installment and that of Ordinary Bursary is Rs. 19000/-.The bursaries are also paid in 10 installments. The bursary may be suspended or cancelled when the studentís work, conduct or attendance is not satisfactory.


Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are awarded by the University Grants Commission. Applications are called from students who do not receive Mahapola and Bursaries. The details about Government financial assistance can be obtained from Students Welfare Branch of the University. The details of other personal scholarships can also be obtained from this Branch.