Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture Towards Food Security
International Symposium on Agriculture and Environment
ISAE 2018
17th January 2018 at Hotel Galadari, Colombo

ISAE 2018 Agenda

International Symposium on Agriculture and Environment (ISAE 2018)

17th January 2018

Venue: Hotel Galadari, Colombo


Production Technologies Food Processing, Quality and Safety Socio- Economic I​nterventions and Agribusiness ​Management
Crop Production Processing and Preservation Technologies Economic and extension
Livestock Production Post-Harvest Technology Macro and Micro Economics
Fisheries and Aquaculture Food Microbiology Resource Management
Soil Science Processing of Animal Products Food Security
Water Management and Irrigation Food Nutrition Econometric
Plant Breeding Food safety and Quality Control Marketing and Trading
Pest Management Banking and Financing
Climatology and Meteorology Agribusiness
Precision Agriculture Information and communication Technology (ICT)
Farm Mechanization
Renewable Energy
Waste Management
Environmental Safety and Sustainability
Modeling and Simulation

Agriculture is the major user of scarce natural resources such as land and water in the world. It releases enormous quantities of harmful agro-chemicals and greenhouses gases to the environment; the latter has contributed significantly to climate change. Therefore, though conventional agriculture has been successful in increasing productivity and food production, it has been achieved at a great cost to the environment (soil, water, biodiversity, wildlife, environmental services, climate etc.) and public health, thus not sustainable.

To meet the nutritional and food security of the bourgeoning population, the food production ought to be increased by over 60% by 2050. However, the land available for agriculture is shrinking. Therefore more food has to be produced with less land, less water, less fertilizer, less pesticides, less green house gases, less energy and less environmental degradation. This demands a holistic approach involving not only a multitude of disciplines, but also technologies including biotechnology, nanotechnology, ICT and electronics, and blending them with indigenous knowledge.

It is against this background that the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka has decided to conduct its 7th International Symposium under the theme “Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture towards Food Security” on 18th January, 2018. It welcomes policy makers, planners, scientists, academics, technologists and managers to present new research findings and novel concept and technologies relating to the theme. The symposium will be held in a scenic, relaxed setting with cultural and culinary attractions. It will undoubtedly be a memorable event for all participants and accompanying persons.


Please register before December 25, 2017

Please use the online registration form by following this link. Make sure that you read the symposium excursion and dinner details in this web site before filling the registration form, if you are willing to participate those activities.

Registration Fee

Students (Local/Foreign) 1500 LKR (10 USD)
Local participants 3000 LKR
Foreign participants 6000LKR (40 USD)

Fees can be paid at the registration desk. Please make the payment in Sri Lankan Rupees.
Those who wish to send the registration fees to the symposium bank account, please use the bank details provided below.
It is compulsory to send the copy of any valid proof (bank slip/ receipt) of your payment. Please scan the document and email to
We will confirm the receipt of your payment as soon as the bank transfers the money to our account.

Bank Name: Peoples Bank
Branch: Kamburupitiya
Account Holder: University of Ruhuna, Faculty of Agriculture
Account No.: 133100160000029

Excursion and Symposium Dinner

Map with route information

ISAE 2018 excursion will be organized on the day following the symposium (January 18, 2018). This will be a one-day event and the destination will be in the southern Sri Lanka. We will be providing you with the transportation during the excursion and accommodation can also be arranged on request (Please note that the cost will have to be borne by the participant).

There will be a nominal fee as indicated below to cover the following expenses. You have the option to participate both excursion and dinner or either of them depending on your time availability and, the payments should be done at the time of registration to the symposium on 17th January.

Excursion - Rs. 1,500 (10 US $) (meals, refreshments, entrance tickets etc)
Symposium dinner – Rs. 1,000 (7 US $)

Your family members can also join the excursion and the dinner. However, same fee applies for every additional member who are above 12 years of age.

Plan of activities

Date Time Activity Remarks
17.01.2018 1800 hrs. Leave Hotel Galadari Transport provided
2100 hrs. Reach Matara for accommodation Reservations can be done on request
18.01.2018 0700 hrs. Leave Matara Breakfast will be taken on the way
0930 hrs. Reach Dry Zone Botanical Garden
1200 hrs. Leave Dry Zone Botanical Garden Lunch will be taken on the way
1330 hrs. Reach Ridiyagama Safari Park
1600 hrs. Leave Ridiyagama Safari Park
1800 hrs. Reach University Guesthouse, Matara Symposium Dinner

* Accommodation on January 18th can also be arranged if needed and the cost should be borne by the participant

Spice Session


09.00 am - 10.30 am Inauguration
11.00 am - 12.30 pm Invited speeches of the spice sector
12.30 pm – 01.30 pm Lunch - Poster Session
01.30 pm – 01.45 pm Highlights of the poster session
01.45 pm onwards Panel discussion on “How to intensify the spice sector for food security”
Conducted by;

Economist – Mr. C.J.P. Siriwardena, Central Bank
Crop Diversification - Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, University of Ruhuna
Product Diversification and Value addition – Dr. D. Wijerathne, FAO


  • A comprehensive document on ‘Sustainable intensification of spice sector for food security’ will be prepared.

  • Key personnel of the spice sector will be awarded.

Photo Contest on “Cinnamon and Spice Valleys in Sri Lanka”

Paper Submission Guidelines

Please Stick to the Guidelines

Publication of the papers at ISAE 2018

  • All the extended abstracts submitted to ISAE 2018 will be subjected to double blind peer review process.

  • Based on the reviewers’ comments, the ten best papers will be qualified to publish as full research articles in the special issue of the TARE journal (International Journal of Tropical Agricultural Research & Extension) in mid 2018.

  • The other selected manuscripts will be published as extended abstracts in the proceedings of the ISAE 2018, under the condition that all the suggestions made by reviewers are properly addressed and all the criteria laid by the ISAE editorial board are fulfilled.

  • Of the ten best manuscripts, only the abstract will be published in the proceedings of the ISAE 2018. The authors of those abstracts will be requested to prepare full research articles, which will be evaluated by a group of reviewers appointed by the TARE journal.

  • However, the publication of full papers in TARE journal will be based on the consent of all the authors of a particular paper.

Guidelines for the preparation and submission of Extended Abstracts

Guidelines for the preparation Posters

The contents of the extended abstract

  • Title page: Title, author name/s and addresses (institutional affiliations), email addresses of all the authors.

  • Abstract: Maximum of 250 words.

  • Keywords: Maximum of 5 keywords.

  • Introduction: Maximum of 350 words.

  • Materials and Methods: Maximum of 350 words.

  • Results, Discussion and Conclusion/s: Maximum of 800 words. Only one table or figure could be included in this section.

  • References: Maximum of five key references could be included (Please use Harvard Author Date system).

  • Figures and tables should not be embedded in the text body. Please send them separately. However, you should indicate the cross-references for the tables and figures in the text (Eg. Figure 01/ Table 01) and, the respective captions should be indicated at the end of the text file.

  • Figures: Please send the images in jpg format with at least 1024 x 768 pixel size. Graphs prepared by applications other than MS Excel should be sent as jpg images. If you have your graphs in excel format you may send the excel file or convert it to jpg images which suit above criteria. Please use cross-reference to name the figure. Eg. Figure 01/ Table 01

  • Tables: All the tables should be prepared by MS Word and sent as MS Word files.

Page settings

  • Page size: A4/ 2.5 cm margin in all sides.

  • Font: Times new roman/ Size 12.

  • Line spacing: 1.5

  • Text alignment: Justified.

A soft copy of the extended abstract as an attachment (MS Word format) should be emailed to:

Please indicate the subject of the e-mail as ‘ISAE 2018 - Your name-Title.

Example: ISAE 2018 Paul A.B.C. - Effect of pesticides on human health

An acknowledgement would be sent to the corresponding author by e-mail (or by regular mail, if necessary) once the extended abstract and author information forms are received by the ISAE - 2018 secretariat.

Authors who prefer to submit hard copies of the extended abstract and author information form, may mail them to the following address:

Mrs. C. P Rupasinghe, Coordinator – ISAE 2018, Department of Agric. Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, Mapalana, Kamburupitiya 81100, SRI LANKA.

Please send the hard copies, only if you are unable to submit the extended abstract and author information form by e-mail. For further information on the guidelines for abstract submission, please contact:

Mrs. CP Rupasinghe

Coordinator – ISAE 2018

Tel: +94 (0) 41-2292200 Ext 264, E-mail:

Dr. WMCJ Wijekoon

Secretary – ISAE 2018

Tel: +94 (0) 41-2292200 Ext 295, E-mail:

Past Symposia

Timeline for the past events.

  • ISAE 2017

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    International Symposium on Agriculture and Environment - 2017. “Greener Agriculture and Environment through Convergence of Technologies

  • ISAE 2016

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  • ISAE 2014

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    International Symposium on Agriculture and Environment - 2014. "Ensuring Sustainable Development through Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services".

  • ISAE 2013

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    International Symposium on Agriculture and Environment - 2013. "Agriculture and Eco-system Health: Balancing the Issues"

  • ISAE 2012

    29 November 2012

    International Symposium on Agriculture and Environment - 2012. "Research to meet Global Challenges"

  • ISAE 2011

    09 November 2011

    International Symposium on Agriculture and Environment - 2011. "Green Technologies for Sustainable Development"

  • International Symposium 2010

    16 November 2010

    International Symposium 2010. "Sustainable Agriculture for Prosperity"

  • Second National Symposium 2009

    10 September 2009

    National Symposium 2009. "Food for Nation through Innovative Agriculture".

  • National Symposium 2008

    23 October 2008

    National Symposium 2008. "New Frontiers in Agriculture from Farm to Fork"

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Note: Video conferencing could be made available. Please contact organizers for more details and arrangements

Contact Us

ISAE 2018 is administered by a Symposium Organizing Committee (SOC) chaired by the Coordinator. SOC is comprised of the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Heads of Departments, Chairpersons of all sub-committees of ISAE 2018. For further information on ISAE 2018, please contact:

Mrs. CP Rupasinghe

Coordinator – ISAE 2018

Tel: +94 (0) 41-2292200 Ext 264, E-mail:

Dr. WMCJ Wijekoon

Secretary – ISAE 2018

Tel: +94 (0) 41-2292200 Ext 295, E-mail: