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Dean's Message

Prof. KL Wasantha Kumara

Professor in Agricultural Biology

BSc Agric., MSc , PhD

The Faculty of Agriculture which is well-positioned to seize the opportunities of the future and dares to make a world of difference, looks ahead with confidence and optimism. We are a uniquely positioned science-based faculty where our staff and students work on the natural sciences as well as the social sciences to seek comprehensive solutions to some of the key challenges in the agricultural sector in our province, country and world face today. Agriculture is fundamental to developing solutions to local, regional and global issues and stands ready to tackle some of the greatest challenges including world hunger, climate change, food safety, energy security, human nutrition and health, and environmental sustainability. We strive to link disciplines, connect discovery and learning, build partnerships and reach out to communities.

The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, is one of the premier agricultural faculties in Sri Lanka which immensely contributes to human capacity development and agricultural technology generation in the country. Our faculty is dedicated to advancing agricultural development through promotion of staff talent, improved teaching and enhancement of research and outreach facilities. The goal of the faculty is to develop intellectual capacity of students and scientists, and equip them with the knowledge, practical skills and attitudes to positively influence sustainable agricultural development, nature conservation and judicious utilization of environmental resources. Graduates from our faculty are professionals who got opportunity to apply theories, concepts and techniques in real-life situations which also strengthens partnerships with stakeholders. Through our strong field based research programs backed by laboratory experiments, the faculty is generating technology and identifying innovative approach for improving agriculture to ensure positive changes in farmers' livelihood.

As Dean, I am very proud of the faculty, its members, staff, students and all that they have accomplished. I look forward to continuing to work with them and all our stakeholders as we strive to continue to dare to make a world of difference.