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Online Public Access Catalogue

Every student who has been registered at the University of Ruhuna is able to use the Library free of charge. All students are advised that they are bound by the rules and regulations of the Library.

Working Hours of the Library

weekdays 8.00 am - 7.00 pm

Saturdays 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

The working hours of the library are extended during the study leave (two weeks before the examinations) and examination periods of the Faculty.

Working Hours of the Library

weekdays 8.00 am - 8.00 pm

Saturdays 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

The Library hours may be altered (shortened) during vacation of the Faculty. The library will be closed on public holidays and on special holidays of the University


Library Membership

Full membership of the Library is available to all registered students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, and to the members of the staff of University of Ruhuna. Postgraduate students should pay a non-refundable deposit of Rs. 2000.00 for registration. The Librarian at her discretion may permit other students and scholars to use the Library during vacations for postgraduate research or genuine scholarly needs.


All students are required to register their names in the Library by applying on the prescribed form obtainable from the Library. They are required to produce their duly endorsed Student Identity Card and Record Book, at the time of the registration. At the beginning of each academic session, undergraduate and postgraduate students spending more than one academic year are required to register in the Library, by revalidation of the Library Tickets

Borrowing Facilities

The Library has Lending, Reference, Periodicals and Special Collection sections. The Lending Section issues books for a period of two weeks to undergraduates and nonČacademic Staff and a period of one month to academic Staff. The Reference Section comprises of permanent reference materials and scheduled reference materials. Permanent reference materials are to be consulted solely in the Library. Scheduled reference books are the books in demand, and therefore are available for use in the Library, and if necessary, can be borrowed for use overnight or on weekends. Reference materials are issued on weekdays within two hours of closing the Library and must be returned by 10.00 a.m. on the following day. Readers are requested not to remove books or other documents in the Special Collections.

With the exception of certain categories, (i.e., permanent Reference books, Dictionaries, Atlases, Books in Special Collections, Glossaries, Periodicals) all other books may be borrowed. Cards (tickets) for borrowing books are issued at the time of registration. Student Cards are issued as follows:


Each card enables a student to borrow one book for a period of two weeks. The University Record Book or the Identity Card must be produced when borrowing books. Loss of tickets should be immediately reported to the Librarian. Declaration forms for lost tickets are available at the circulation counter. Library tickets are not transferable. After declaration, a duplicate may be issued in the next registration after verification of the loss and on payment of Rs. 25/- per ticket.

Lending books may be borrowed from the time of opening to 5.00 pm and the Reference books issued only from 3.00 pm on each day.

Return of Issued Books

A borrowed book remains the responsibility of the borrower as long as the borrower's ticket remains valid. Borrowed reference materials should be returned by 10.00 am on the following day. All Library materials borrowed should be handed over to the Library to collect the verification letter at the time of completion of the degree course. Without this verification letter, the University will not issue the degree certificate.

Fines and Payments

A fine of Rs. 1.00 per day will be imposed in respect of each lending book not returned by the due date. Afine of Rs. 2.50 for the first day and Rs. 3.50 on every other day will be imposed in respect of reference books.

The Organizational Structure of the Library Books

The Catalogue

Books are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. The main Catalogue has been arranged under:

  1. Subject of the Books

  2. Author, Editor, Title and Series

  3. The Subject titles and subject concepts of the books.

Any of the above sources can be used when searching for a book.

Other Services

Photo-copy Service

Students can obtain photo-copies of allowed library materials. A charge will be levied for this service.

Inter-Library Loan

Arrangements can be made to obtain books, photocopies of the papers in the journals, not available in the Library, but available elsewhere on Inter-Library-Loans. Readers who wish to avail themselves of this facility should apply on the prescribed forms available at the Library Office. Materials obtained in this way must be used in the Library.

Use of the Library

Except for a few half sheets, the students are not allowed to bring personal books, files, notebooks, bags, umbrellas, etc. into the Library. Those items should be kept in the file rack before entering the Library. Smoking is completely prohibited and complete silence should be observed within the Library. The cellular phones are also not allowed to be used within the library.

All these rules, regulations and conventions are aimed at providing a better library service. More information on other facilities available can be obtained from the Library. The library is managed by the Senior Assistant Librarian with postgraduate qualifications, assisted by several library assistants.